3 Mar 2014


A legend painted in brown. M3 e30

Yellow. Like a sun in our hearts. BMW Z4 second generation.

Orange? Why not.

Angel eyes. Angel car.

The red beast.
BMW M3 e92

Blue M3 e46

BMW + snow = Awesome fun

A beautiful piece of history.
The E24 was a replacement for the CS and CSL coupés first produced in 1965. The CS 3.0 was almost changed by adding a few centimeters in height to make it easier for customers to get into the car. However, Bob Lutz rebelled against the decision and rough drafted an alternative version that soon became the 6 series.Production started in March 1976 with two models: the 630CS and 633CSi. Originally the bodies were manufactured by Karmann, but production was later taken in-house to BMW.